After an extended gap year of painting blooms, travel and time out in nature in all sorts of glorious spots, I’m joining 3 treasured friends for a group exhibition: Celebrating Colour and Friendship. We’d love Brisbane folk to join us on opening night if you’re free. 27th May at Aspire Gallery. I’ve popped all the details below.

Janine, Debbie, Julie and I are firm friends from all over the place. We’ve explored, lived and worked around the globe. Yet, marvellously, back in 2002 the four of us landed up at the same art class in a little lopsided studio in the leafy hills of Paddington, Brisbane. We gathered there after work on Thursday evenings. The ‘Paddington Art Studio’, as it was known back then, sold art supplies in the shop-front while we splashed paint around in the back. The trestle tables didn’t sit quite level on the wonky floorboards but the place oozed with charm. The class focused on mark-making and colour. We noticed how our pencil made a line; how colours merged to make something new; how our friendships blossomed with unsolicited generosity of spirit.

That funky worker-cottage-cum-art-studio was demolished a couple of years later and replaced by the current sophisticated restaurant scene. We continued to meet in each other’s homes for art days. Nourished by friendship and creativity, we developed our own forms of artistic expression and remain cheerleaders to one another in all our endeavours: painting, drawing, photography and writing. Friendship is the connecting thread. Colour the added wonder.

Emerson considered friendship “the supreme fruit of truth and tenderness.” We are lucky to know this about one another. Alongside our art, we have been able to sit with each other in the glorious messiness of life, bearing witness in times of excitement and disappointment; courage and vulnerability; love, loss, sorrow and joy.

This exhibition is our celebration. An expression of gratitude. We’re hoping it’s also a place we can laugh ourselves silly. Because more often than not, we do that when we’re together. We hope you will join in!


P.S. I’ve added an art page to my website if you’d like to have a peek. It’s a start with more to come later.


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