Turning Failure Upside Down!


To make visible what matters.


The Turning Failure Upside Down kit is out and about, doing its work all over the place, so I’m dropping in with a little behind-the-scenes story and exciting workshop dates!

I so enjoyed illustrating Jane Hutton’s gorgeous kit. Jane and I have known each other for many years. We share a background in Social Work and both value connection and creativity. So, when she invited me to illustrate the concepts for her project, I jumped at it. We had a lot of fun bringing this idea to life.



The Turning Failure Upside Down kit contains an instruction booklet and 32 illustrated question cards. The cards are designed to open up meaningful conversations about ideas of ‘normality’, the pressure to ‘measure up’ and the impact this can have on us. The kit can be used at home, at work, at school or in therapeutic contexts. A helpful tool for caregivers, social workers, psychologists, allied health professionals and school counsellors or, simply for ourselves;


when we feel the weight of ‘expectations’ and want to explore the stories that link us to our hopes and values.




As for the illustrations; you will meet a little mouse in this kit. My dad inspired these drawings. He is a master storyteller and told us all sorts of magical tales as kids. I went on to share them with my sons. It’s a delight to watch our mouse and whimsical friends make their way all over the world;


building connection and inviting curiosity about what matters to us.


I’ve popped a handful of pics on my art page if you’d like to see some of the images in this edition.

And we are running workshops!


September 30th 2019: Unpacking Failure.

Venue: The Spotted Chook, Montville.

Some of you may already know of Jane’s superb trainings. It’s my pleasure to be co-facilitating this one with her.

This workshop will introduce the new kit and draw on [maps of Narrative Practice] as described by Michael White. We will work with how it can be used to move conversations from despair to hope, from failure to excitement and curiosity. This is one of the avenues in the Narrative Approach that contextualises problems and can also be described as a re-authoring process.


November 20-21 2019: Moving from Problematic to Preferred Stories.

Venue: The Spotted Chook, Montville.

Jill Freedman and Gene Combs will join Jane in exploring questions that help create movement and change.


You’ll find all the workshop details here, along with how to register.


Heads up, we are also running 2 workshops on the kit at the Woodford Folk Festival this year! 27th and 31st December.

More about all that soon!





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