Creativity, a Pathway to Hope.


I’m a huge fan of Maria Popova, the well-known Brain Pickings writer and self described ‘interestingness hunter-gatherer’.  I read one of her articles the other day where she explores ‘how drawing trains you to see the world more clearly and to live with a deeper sense of presence.’  


Drawing, indeed, transforms the secret passageway between the eye and the heart into a two-way street — while we are wired to miss the vast majority of what goes on around us, learning to draw rewires us to see the world differently, to love it more intimately by attending to and coming to cherish its previously invisible details.


How true that is! Over the years, painting and writing have played a similar role in my own journey with love, loss and the process of reinvention. I wrote an essay on this theme that was published in The Huffington Post this week. You’ll find it here, if you’d like to have a look.


Creativity, a Pathway to Hope


Happy reading and hope you’re able to stay cosy in this cold snap.



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