About Green Vanilla Tea



In a story spanning heartache and humour, Marie Williams writes about her family’s journey with an illness – the ‘Green Goblin’ – that slowly debilitates her husband, Dominic, in both body and mind. He is in his early forties. Green Vanilla Tea is a story about love and life, in a world where so much is amiss, written by Marie as an offering of hope for their two teenage sons.

Marie’s writing started out as a spontaneous, creative response to grief. Amidst the demands of caring for Dominic and parenting her sons, writing gave her time to pause.

 It held still the paradox, where life was both empty and full, together and falling apart and the simplest things were the most extraordinary.

She wrote of love and loss, and finding hope in inexplicable times.

After Dominic died in 2007, Marie collated her musings into a book for the boys – a way to give shape to a story that lay beyond the reach of articulation. So much of what they experienced felt invisible, slippery and without words. They asked her to write about it. To “try and capture it somehow” and “give the story form.”

Initially, Marie had no intention to publish. It was enough that her writing provided a wonderful launching pad for rich conversations with her sons. Whether chopping vegetables at the kitchen counter or driving to the supermarket they talked through every evolving chapter, finding the words and giving their story voice. Her sons’ reflections are woven throughout the pages of the book.

This creative act of family storytelling went on to become an award winning memoir, “a story about love: a tale of a strange place – the real world – in which green goblins and hope find a way to live together.”

Above all, it is a love story.

Marie’s memoir, Green Vanilla Tea won the Finch Memoir Prize, 2013.


‘I dare you to read Green Vanilla Tea and not fall in love with this family.  Marie Williams has written a beautiful memoir about facing illness and loss with love and hope. She has opened her family’s life and experiences to us in a way that will help us stay in touch with the richness of life and relationships, even in times of heartbreak and the loss of dreams. Thank you, Marie Williams, for this extraordinary love story.’

Jill Freedman, MSW, Family Therapist and Director of Evanston Family Therapy Center in Evanston, Illinois, as well as co-author of Symbol, Story, and Ceremony;Narrative Therapy; and Narrative Therapy with Couples.


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